Answers to top questions about virtual events and conferences


A virtual event is similar to a physical or in-person event, but it is held online. It allows conference organizers to host international conferences, academic events, symposia, trade shows and business fairs entirely online, where participants access, view and participate in the event from their remote location. A virtual event can be accessed by computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Links and details for the event can be provided to participants through email correspondence and on an event website.

Putting together the "who, what, when, where and why" of your event will help to define the timeline and goals. Conference Services will help you organize and plan the details so you can successfully hold an online virtual event. Please contact us to set up a time to discuss your event.

Yes. We are able to help you develop a hybrid event to allow for in-person as well as virtual attendees. Conference Services is available to discuss various routes to reach attendees that may not be able, or are uncomfortable, traveling to a physical event.

There are limits and adjustments that can be expected with the transition to a virtual format, but we can make sure your attendees still have a robust and engaging conference experience. Main sessions as well as breakouts can be live streamed or prerecorded while allowing for Q&A sessions. We have the means to develop poster sessions, panels and networking opportunities. Our team can even help you get promotional items or any needed print material sent to individuals to highlight the experience and offer further value for attendees.

We recommend that presenters and moderators use a computer capable of running Zoom meetings when conducting their part of the virtual event. Mobile devices are fine for attendees, however, to see the full size slides and to simultaneously watch the event and submit questions, a larger screen might be preferential, but is not required.

Each event has its unique set of needs. Please get in touch and Conference Services will gladly put together a quote for your event or conference.

Yes, unless the presenter chooses to instead only display their presentation slides. 

This will be based on the programing and the conference committee's direction. We are able to talk with you about options if this is something that may be needed.

The sessions can be recorded and made available to attendees post-conference. We can help develop a website to house the recordings or utilize platforms such as OSU MediaSpace, YouTube or Vimeo to host the content. The hosting platform will be determined based on need and if password protection or other limited access is required; Conference Services can help guide these decisions.

If the virtual conference is utilizing Zoom's webinar platform, yes, attendees and presenters will need to download the free version of Zoom to participate in the virtual conference or event. A live streaming service is also an option for professional production quality and can be streamed via YouTube or Vimeo or other hosting options.

Please click here to visit the Zoom website for information on system requirements.

Your conference or event's organizing committee will email information to you as well as provide detailed instructions on your event's website with how to access your conference or event content online.