Preparing your speakers for a virtual conference


Solid content is an integral part of every conference and with the shift to virtual events it becomes even more important. Developing professional, high-quality presentations will make your virtual event memorable for the right reasons. Visual aides and supplementary PDFs (if needed) can help retain attendee interest and enrich the virtual event experience. 

Conference Services has the resources and knowledge to help with program development of your virtual conference or event.

Two routes to consider are live presentations versus pre-recorded, based on your speakers’ comfort levels. Speakers with advanced experience giving virtual talks could be streamed online in real-time, while others may prefer pre-recording their talks. Conference organizers may choose to have all speakers pre-record if they so choose. If a speaker has never presented on camera, the Conference Services’ team is able to help the presenter to record their talk in advance and manage a live Q&A with attendees following their specific session.

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Conference Services can help draft specific instructions for your conference to be sent to speakers and presenters focused on the conference schedule and format timing. This is where defined scheduling and event agenda development will be beneficial.

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