Preparing for a great talk is straight forward with these basic instructions

Pre-Recorded Talk Instructions

  • Ask invited speakers to share a short video sample before recording their full presentation. Use this to check that the setup and sound are correct and offer suggestions as needed to refine the quality.
  • Speakers should be instructed to record their talks in predetermined segments. Speakers will want to structure talks in sections so that it will be easier to record it while having breaks. This will also simplify editing on the backend allowing Conference Services to schedule properly.
  • Our team along with the conference committee will want to provide concise direction on how to be engaging on camera. Looking straight at the camera, minimizing looking down at the notes, speaking in a direct and unrushed manner are examples of some guidance to provide prior to speakers recording their sessions.
  • Conference Services will work to edit the presentations for consistency if needed. This can be time consuming so receiving the presentations early enough to allow for this process will be integral.

Live Talk Instructions

  • Speakers will be instructed to use two devices for live presentations with slides; allowing the presenter to see themselves as well as sharing any material to support the presentation. The Conference Services’ team will be able to setup a physical location for local presenters when possible. When this is the route technical staff and moderators will be available to help presenters directly.
  • To help monitor that presentations don’t overlap and that the topics are connected it is recommended that the conference committee members collect preliminary written outlines in advance; noting any accompanying material or slides.
  • When appropriate it is helpful to advise speakers to acquire or request technical help from someone (friends, coworkers, family) to set everything up and to review the talk prior to presenting live. This will help pinpoint any problems prior to the virtual event.


Other Helpful Information

Attendee Interaction

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