Successful speaker and attendee interaction

In the virtual space, interaction can be handled directly through Zoom or utilizing a specific outside platform for that purpose. Conference Services can help your committee decide on an appropriate avenue based off your event's needs. The use of moderators can be an advantageous addition for this process so securing those individuals early in the planning is recommended.

Speakers will be advised to be online and available at the time of their talk for both pre-recorded and live sessions so that they may answer attendee questions, typically following their session. Attendees will post questions in the comments section or by other means to be audited throughout the duration. Following the talk moderators will have compiled the appropriate questions for the speakers. Questions can both be read and answered via the speaker or an intermediary appointed via the conference committee. Implementing an attendee polling/vote system to gauge the audience as to pertinent/preferred questions is also an option.

For Presenters