Develop a program that encourages engagement

When you start developing a virtual conference, there are new considerations to account for when planning and scheduling the event flow. Unlike an in-person event, attendees may be logging in from varied time zones. Working to accommodate attendees and presenters is vital for virtual conference success. Conference Services can work with clients to optimize the schedule to improve engagement and interactions with attendees.

Tip: Consider reducing presentation lengths and plan for ample breaks to minimize fatigue and "mental check out" for virtual attendees. Conference Services will advise on the best practices.

Conference Services’ advanced online registration system will work with your proposed scheduling to ease and simplify the attendee experience. Attendees will be able to directly attend main sessions as well as access options for congruent breakout sessions and panels. Each portion of the program will have individual links for attendees based on the options selected during registration. As your conference management team, Conference Services will work behind the scenes with the conference committee and moderators to control the flow of information and real-time management of advancing the programming and attendee interaction, minimizing risks and to pre-screen content and questions for the speakers.

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